physiotherapy,HANDSFREE SONO

The new operator independent HandsFree Sono™ is a stationary applicator with built – in Rotary Field Technology.The technology makes ultrasound therapy more comfortable for the patient, while saving an operator’s valuable time and energy.

Features and benefits of the BTL HandsFree Sono™

  • Saving operator’s time and effort
  • More efficient therapy & elimination of therapist’s fault
  • Maximum safety using the embedded Rotary Field Technology
  • Equal ultrasound dosage over the entire treated area
  • Alternating frequencies 1 and 3 MHz
  • Two models of HandsFree Sono: 18 cm2 with six crystals and 12 cm2 with four crystals

Applicator Handsfree Sono 6
for BTL-4000 Smart/Premium

Applicator Handsfree Sono 4
for BTL-4000 Smart/Premium