Couch with magnetotherapy applicator

physiotherapy,NEW BTL-4000 SERIES,Couch with magnetotherapy applicator

70cm, for BTL-4000/5000 Magnet

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main features

  • Magnetotherapy couch with sliding solenoid 70cm
  • Easy and comfortable solenoid positioning
  • Even patients with low mobility can be treated easily and comfortably
  • Unique FMF Technology™ (Focused Magnetic Field) - high-powered magnetic field focused to the therapy area with no side-effect on the personnel
  • Foldable couch frame for easy transportation
  • Underhead pillow - option
  • The combination of dynamic pulsed and stationary magnetic field suitable especially for acute stages and anti-inflammatory indications
  • Specifications of the couch with solenoid: Length 200cm, Width 74cm, Height 110cm, Weight 67kg