BTL-5820SL Combi

physiotherapy,combined devices,BTL-5820SL Combi

2-channel Electrotherapy + 1-channel Ultrasound + 1-channel Laser

Ordering no:
P5820.101v100 with 5.7" colour touch screen

main features

  • Combined therapy unit (2-channel electrotherapy, ultrasound, and laser) with touch screen for easy and comfortable operation
  • 3 different therapies in one unit!!!
  • 4 independent channels
  • Large touch screen display
  • Protocols for different medical fields (rehabilitation, orthopedics, sports medicine, dentistry, gynaecology, dermatology, ENT, paediatrics, general practice)
  • User-defined protocols
  • Therapeutic encyclopaedia
  • Built-in patient database
  • Unique Modular System ™ - option of later unit upgrades
  • Identification of accessories and accessories maintenance check
  • Most important low and medium frequency waveforms include: galvanic (Iontophoresis), Diadynamics, Träbert 2-5, Faradic, Neofaradic, Russian stimulation, stimulation pulses, rectangular pulses, TENS symmetric, asymmetric, alternating, 2-pole interference, 4-pole interference, triangular pulses, exponential pulses with rise, combined pulses, and programmable sequences of diadynamic currents, and other selected current
  • Colour frame option
  • Ergonomic multi-frequency ultrasound heads (1 and 3MHz) of 5 & 1 cm2
  • Simultaneous connection of two ultrasound heads
  • Ultrasound frequency 1 and 3 MHz
  • Continuous and pulse mode
  • Water resistant ultrasound heads
  • Choice of optical attachments for ENT, urology, dentistry and gynaecology
  • PC connection (for SW upgrades)
  • Multilingual unit
  • BTL Cart (option)

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