Combined (infrared and red) laser cluster

physiotherapy,combined devices,Combined (infrared and red) laser cluster

total output power 1800mW

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main features

  • Combined (red & infrared) cluster - total output power 1800mW, 4x 50mW / 685nm, 4x 400mW / 830nm, 13x 16mW / 470nm (blue light)
  • Highly-effective treatment of large areas
  • Homogenous laser beam treats easily and in short time even areas over 50cm2
  • The clusters are equipped with 13 high luminescence LEDs with wavelength of 470nm suitable for aesthetic applications (acne, hypo-pigmentation, etc.)
  • Continual and pulse mode
  • Supplied with additional pilot beam
  • Wide range of powerful laser clusters: red, infrared, and combined with output power up to 1800mW available
  • Option of the holder for laser clusters and probes for easy and comfortable laser application
  • Choice of optical attachments for ENT, urology, dentistry and gynaecology

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