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desktop spirometry

computerized spirometry

The pulmonary function tests equipment (specifically our spirometry equipment) that BTL offers is helpful when diagnosing asthma, occupational asthma, obstructive lung diseases, restrictive lung diseases and other respiratory diseases. The spirometers that we offer are of two types: the desktop spirometer and computer spirometer. Both solutions can perform FVC, SVC and MVV tests, comply with ATS 2005 standards and provide automatic text interpretation according to ATS, BTS or Enright.
The desktop spirometer can be combined with electrocardiograph within one device to produce professional cardiopulmonary equipment. Computerized spirometer was added to the BTL CardioPoint software and it can be used in combination for Resting ECG, Stress test or other cardiac examinations. Both spirometers use an ergonomic pneumotachograph that can be disinfected or sterilized and plastic reusable mouthpieces.